Refurbished Brush Head

Refurbished Brush Head
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The refurbished brush head is just what it sounds like.  The worn out fabric has been removed and replaced with new fabric, while the plastic interior piece and padding is re-used.  A great way to save money.  You can click to buy heads we've stockpiled, or you can send us your old heads and we'll give you $2.00 credit per brush head that can be used on any product* making the price even better.  For example, you send us three old brush heads, you get $6.00 credit toward your next purchase. Our pads will fit any brush with a Performance head (Performance, BalancePlus, Ultima, Tournament Performance, and many Asham and Goldline brushes).

* Performance, EQ, Tournament / Ultima, Icebreaker, and most Goldline pads will receive $2.00 credit toward any purchase.  ProStar, Olson and some Goldline models can be sent in for $2.00 off the price of those same heads refurbished and returned to you.  Call if you have questions on specific heads.


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Price $13.00