BalancePlus Antislider

BalancePlus Antislider
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BalancePlus has specially molded their antisliders to fit their shoes in a manner that makes them less likely to slip off. As important as they are for on the ice they are equally important to protect the slider from dirt and scratches off the ice. Available for left or right shoe. If you are right handed you need a gripper for the left foot, if you are left handed you need a gripper for the right foot. Sizes XS - XXL.

XS = 6-7 ladies
Small = 7.5 - 9 ladies and 7 - 7.5 men's
Medium = ladies 9.5 - 11 and 8 - 9.5 men's
Large = men's 10 - 12
XL = men's 13
XXL = men's 14 and up

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Price $16.00